💻 Devnotes

A way to keep your dev notes

CLI Devnotes

💭 Use case

Every time I dive into a project, I create a folder and a file devnotes/notes.md at the root of the project, where I keep notes like credentials, remainder, chunks of code and more. Finally, I ignore the folder (gitignore) to avoid push it.

💡 Solution

As I continue doing this process manually, why not create a CLI tool that creates this structure for me 🤷‍♀️. Born Devnotes CLI

Sometimes I have the same project on different laptops. Why not push the “notes.md” to a kind of cloud 🤷‍♀️. Born Devnotes.

🎉 Benefits

I’ve tried Apple Notes, Google Keep, and so on, but I’ve noticed that keeping the notes along with my project (codebase), it’s 💯 faster and easier to use, it’s as simple as open the notes.md file with your text editor.

Also, using it as .md gives me highlight code and easy to export as HTML if I need to read, 💯 better than plain text.

Devnotes CLI

check the full list of commands here



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